Betsie van Rensburg

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Artist Statement:

Ceramics opens up a freedom in me and being my true self in a very special way. The earthiness of clay, water and fire keeps me grounded and the unpredictability of the firing process, keeps me humble. The variety of creativeness - from planning, building or throwing a pot to the decorating part – satisfies my need to be creative on a wide spectrum.

I was born in South Africa. About 25 years ago I did a course in ceramics at the Technical College in Bloemfontein for one year. I further taught myself by reading a lot; working on a trial and error basis and attending workshops. This being my hobby in between a fulltime job, raising a family and other interests, ceramics did not always get the attention I wanted. In 2010 I decided to turn my ceramics hobby into a fulltime job.

Until recently I preferred wheelwork, making dinnerware. I work in stoneware and use a variety of glazes and under glazes for decoration.

I see my future work in ceramics more into artwork, because I enjoy drawing on clay. I will most probably create vessels and bowls which will act as a canvas.