Charlene Vorster

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I am a born and bred Namibian from Tsumeb. I studied Sciences at Stellenbosch University and later completed an MBA in the Netherlands through Maastricht School of Management. I am a Taurean whose artistic journey has taken many winding roads through other creative disciplines such as writing, needlework and sewing, renovating classic furniture, mosaic, cooking and baking and gardening. I attended my first pottery class in 2020 and became well and truly fascinated by the feel, the smell, the science and the endless possibilities clay has to offer. I love contemporary, functional pieces with clean lines and drawn inspiration from nature and poetry and I am compelled on delivering these aspects through my pieces. A salad bowl that looks like a fish or bird. A fat bellied whale as butter dish. Or a thought or quote that completes a piece.

For the next 5 years or so I suspect that my creative journey will continue as a balancing act between earning a living and creating time for pottery. For the moment, I continue finetuning my technique as a hand builder, focussing on one-of-a-kind pieces.