Member Profiles

Annabelle Venter

Hi! I’m Annabelle, born and educated in Cape Town, and a Namibian resident for 30 years now. My first pottery lessons were with Anton van der Merwe back in 1984, then with Helene Elliot in 1987, before I moved to Namibia.

Betsie van Rensburg

Ceramics opens up a freedom in me and being my true self in a very special way. The earthiness of clay, water and fire keeps me grounded and the unpredictability of the firing process, keeps me humble. The variety of creativeness - from planning, building or throwing a pot to the decorating part – satisfies my need to be creative on a wide spectrum.

Carola Lorck

I was born in Windhoek, Namibia in the early 70’s, grew up on a farm in the east of the country and enjoyed my schooling in Windhoek. After matriculation I completed a 3 year National Diploma in Clothing Production at the Cape Technikon in Cape Town. Although I really then wanted to stay in Cape Town my path took me to Swakopmund in early 1996. And this is where I met, fell in love, married my husband and have set up home with him and our two children.

Charlene Vorster

I am a born and bred Namibian from Tsumeb. I studied Sciences at Stellenbosch University and later completed an MBA in the Netherlands through Maastricht School of Management.

Chrizaan Mostert

My name is Chrizaan Mostert and I am a novice ceramic artist. I am based in the far south of Namibia, in the small town called Rosh Pinah and I started my studio, Stofpad Pottery, in May 2021. I like all things art and crafts and have ventured into different fields over the years to satisfy my artistic curiosity.

Genie Albrecht

There is something spiritual about working with clay, particularly on the wheel. Observing a lump of clay flowing through one’s fingers and hands as the wheel mesmerisingly brings an incredible connection to Mother Earth. Throwing clay is my passion. I love watching how a form is created on the wheel, perpetuating a mandala and transformed into tableware.

Lesley Crawford

The following ideas are what I have been working on for a long time. They evolve and change but the underlying core remains the same. When I am working I decide which elements I want in my work and which processes will help me produce them.

Renate Williamson

What can be more exhilarating than to create something out of nothing? Working on the potter’s wheel is both challenging and therapeutic. For me, art cleanses my soul and opens my mind to bigger and better things.

Rosi Stevenson

About seven years ago I finally made one of my cherished dreams come true by enrolling in a pottery class. I stopped making excuses and realised that I just have to make time.

Sharon Flewellen

My first contact with clay in 1969 was love at first touch! Clay is the only medium that deeply grips and completely satisfies me, enabling me to express all my creative desires. Although I may dangerously dabble with alchemy and play with fire, working with clay keeps me centred, humbled and grounded.