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  • The quarterly PAN newsletter, filled with valuable tips and techniques, news of pottery events, keeps you in contact with other members and teaching studios and classes offered around the country.
  • PAN organizes formal and informal exhibitions. A major exhibition "The PAN National Ceramics Biennale" is held every two years at which generous awards are given in recognition of the development of Namibian potters. This prestigious event is attended by an international professional guest potter/selector who also presents a specialised workshop at this time.
  • Practical participating workshops, demonstrations, etc with a large variety of topics is offered to all our members from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Members enjoy reduced entry fees for exhibitions, workshops and any other PAN event as well as a selling opportunity at our popular stall in the Namibian Craft Centre.
  • With our Instagram and Facebook social media platforms and the PAN website,, our Namibian members and their ceramics are promoted internationally.
  • PAN’s development fund is available at the discretion of the Executive Committee to talented underprivileged individuals requiring assistance in furthering their ceramics development.
  • By joining PAN you will learn many new techniques, develop and uplift your skills and expand your knowledge. With the strong support, dedication and friendship of this Association and our like-minded members, you will benefit greatly!
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  1. Membership is valid for a period of 12 months from 1 March this year to 28 February next year. A renewal reminder will be sent to you in February and if your renewal fee is not received by the end of April, your membership will automatically expire and all communication will be withheld until your renewal is paid.
  2. Membership and events fees are regularly reviewed and adjusted if required, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  3. The Committee of The Potters’ Association of Namibia (PAN) reserves the right to decline any application for membership or to terminate the membership of any person and shall not be obliged to furnish any reason for doing so.

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