P.A.N. Memberships

What does PAN do for its members?

PAN is a group of ceramics artists from all walks of life, from beginners to masters, from hobbyists to full-time, from wild and free to perfectionists - there is really a place for everyone. We encourage interaction between members, through our newsletters, workshops, social media and our whatsapp group - its all about learning from each other. We also have a development fund, so write us if you are a talented individual that we can help mature in ceramics.

Members regularly receive the PAN newsletters keeping them informed about ceramics events, developments, people and places, in and around Namibia, while also sharing tips. Practical workshops, demonstrations and lectures covering different styles, techniques and subjects from beginner to advanced pottery levels are regularly offered. Alternating with informal theme exhibitions, the prestigious biennial exhibition with prizes awarded by an attending international guest selector / exhibitor / workshop presenter, is the most important event at which members work is showcased.

Joining PAN will enable potters to learn many new styles and techniques, as well as the opportunity of improving skills and, above all, enjoying the camaraderie of other potters at gatherings. We are also affiliated with Ceramics South Africa and PAN members will receive their prestigious Ceramics Southern Africa Magazine by registering on the CSA website.