Rosi Stevenson

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Artist Statement:

About seven years ago I finally made one of my cherished dreams come true by enrolling in a pottery class. I stopped making excuses and realised that I just have to make time. It was a great decision, I've never looked back since and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the magical elements of clay, glazing and firing -- the possibilities are endless. I love the creative process, constantly learning new skills, experimenting with new techniques, and being aware that there is so much more to learn. So far it has been an enriching journey.

The pottery I create finds use in our day to day lives.
To date I have exhibited and sold some of my pieces at the:
COTA Studio Exhibitions
Ceramics Biennale in 2019 and was awarded the new signature prize.
‘Season of Clay’ at the Project Room in December 2020
The PAN committee roped me in this year, I hope that I can be of assistance in some way to promote and support pottery in Namibia.