Sharon Flewellen

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Artist’s statement:

My first contact with clay in 1969 was love at first touch! Clay is the only medium that deeply grips and completely satisfies me, enabling me to express all my creative desires. Although I may dangerously dabble with alchemy and play with fire, working with clay keeps me centred, humbled and grounded. The full gamut of the many fascinating processes that clay allows can be exploited and explored in endless ways, and this continues to fire my constant love affair with clay. I work in stoneware, paperclay and porcelain clays, oxidation firing in electric kilns, and also use Raku and pit-firing methods, producing works from dinnerware to sculpture.

I have always been passionate about art and creativity in all its forms and in April 1980 opening my business “Hobby Horse Art Gallery” (sold July 2009) gave me 29 unforgettable years surrounded by others’ talent. Having taught many other art and crafts subjects, concentrating on pottery exclusively since 1988 has been most rewarding. Although not a trained ceramics teacher, I hope that my sincere attempts at providing skills and knowledge is of value to the longevity of this art/craft in Namibia. Most importantly I wish to inspire others to fall in love with clay too. Being a member of the Potters’ Association of Namibia has been an edifying journey of opportunities, which have greatly enriched my life.